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About Us

Sagar Homeo Stores & Clinic is a leading health Care service and consulting firm providing specialized services in homeopathy. Sagars’s rapid growth in revenues and profitability is a result of persistent focus on customer satisfaction, quality, developing people as well as providing innovative health care, value-for-money services. We have continued to surpass customer expectations consistently.

With our help, over 2 lacs customers have achieved

  • Effective treatment & service through our consultants there by achieving good with significant cost effective approach.
  • Quality medicines with 99% customer satisfaction.
  • Targeting & Retaining the right & valuable customer satisfaction.
  • Increased homeopathy knowledge process and awareness.
  • Sagar Homoeo Stores & Clinic, the service of highly experienced famous homeopathic doctor’s trichologist and writer of health articles.

Sagar Homoeo Stores & Clinic offers super specialty homeopathic treatments for all diseases like hair loss, dandruff, grey hairs, skin pigmentation problems, pimples, white patches on skin, psoriasis, eczema, warts, fungal infection of skin, e.n.t complaints like nasal allergy, nasal polyp, sinusitis, tonsillitis, piles, constipation, acidity, gas complaints, menstrual disorders, arthritis, backache, impotency, sterility and more. In fact ours is the only homeopathic clinic which has secured more than 95% success rate in above disorders. For outstation patients medicines can be couriered based on request.

Sagar Homoeo Stores has won the ‘Best Retailers’ award for supplying all the homoeopathic medicines, books, software’s related to homoeopathy. We are the only homeopathic medicines suppliers which fulfills all the requirements of the customer varying from common medicines to rarest remedy, we have a dedicated floor with all the books related to homeopathy designed with perfect ambience specially for the students and doctors who can refer books and can check the demo versions of the software’s.