In most cases, the term spondylosis refers to osteoarthritis that affects the spine, but it is also a term that can describe other conditions related to spinal degeneration. Cervical osteoarthritis causes changes to the joints of the neck, as well as the bones and the discs in between. Sometimes, there is no outside cause for this; it is a natural occurrence of age as the spine slowly breaks down from every day use. The discs lose fluid, which cause them to become stiffer and more likely to crack and flake away.

Cervical osteoarthritis is therefore most common in the elderly and the middle-aged. cervical spondylosis results in a narrowing of the space needed by the spinal cord and the nerve roots that pass through the spine to the rest of your body. If the spinal cord or nerve roots become pinched, you might experience:


  • Tingling, numbness and weakness in your arms, hands, legs or feet
  • Lack of coordination and difficulty walking
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

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